H.E.A.L. Team Building

Elna Erwee – General Manager Distribution – Old Mutual

Review from Jan 31, 2024

Excellent Conference Venue away from the City
We had our Conference at Lethabo Estate & did their H.E.A.L. Team Building Event, which was really brilliant. The accommodation, conference room & meals were excellent. The staff were very friendly & helpful. Highly recommend.

Michelle Brownlee - MSD Pharmaceuticals

Review from Oct 12, 2023

As a writer, Lethabo’s HEAL™ program to develop my observational skills, improve emotional expression, and enhance my communication abilities has been invaluable to my work. Spending time with the horses helped me harness my creativity and build relationships based on trust and mutual respect rather than my usual confrontational mode. Highly recommended!

Caroline Hurry

Google Review from March 17, 2023

Our Operations Team attended the EALS workshop presented by Lise. The whole experience was amazing. We as a team strongly recommend any team to attend this workshop. Above that, the food was amazing and the hospitality warm. We can’t wait to go back 🙂 Thank you Lethabo Team, you guys are amazing.

Amor Pienaar

Google Review from Oct 18, 2022

An Amazing Time

Hi Lise, the girls said that they absolutely adored the course. That it was fantastic, that it was a lot of NEW info for them. You were very very knowledgeable they said… and they learnt so many things…they had no clue existed!!!! In just that short amount of time😍. They wished to be here longer and do more of them😊👍😉….well… Next trip!!!!
But I will definitely bring my daughter Lucia some other times then… Ok… And whenever they come back to visit.. Will organize to book again… As I am sure they can learn more…. 😀… Thank you very much🙏♥️


Review from Mar 8, 2022

Practising self calming in preparation for a leadership role

Consensual leadership. Learning to step in synch

Personal Mastery Authentic leadership state- Leading with inner stillness. Followership is an active choice

Today, there is enormous pressure from investors demanding more for less. Post COVID organizations and teams of people are shattered, fragmented, and virtual. One of the most challenging agendas for leaders post COVID, is the ability to harness human potential, retain talent, ignite purpose and passion and understand the catalytic essential skills of champions in their organization. These are essential to creating a reputation, a brand, a promise, and a psychologically safe area for people to innovate, learn, thrive and excel.

HEAL™ and our four module program is designed and adapted to create catalytic learning in a modern world, using the laws of nature and unleashing what is naturally within all of us. We do this by learning biomimicry, and natural laws. HEAL™ is a disruptive learning journey. It creates opportunities for small teams to forge mastery of situations for themselves, by building unprecedented levels of trust and vulnerability, so that the team formulates better ways of coping in a very agile and dynamic way. This is no longer about survival of the fittest. It is about small teams collaborating with essential skills so that they can thrive, master and create a Catalytic Champion Program and enhance a winning culture in their organizations. We see this in sporting teams, business teams and organizations with any aligned purpose.


Module One – Being present for my own learning

Horses are prey animals who, for their survival, are hard-wired to watch and read body language and pick up what we call “the invisible curriculum”. Relationship is the most important thing for horses, so they seek authenticity and the trust that flows from it. Horses in a learning environment create a mirror for people to dig deeper into what most people have learned to camouflage. We often, even unconsciously, hide our emotions, feelings, very often not even trusting our own leadership. Often we do not fully understand why we create distress in organizations, and inadvertently sabotage great cultural programs.

Module One focuses on emotional self mastery. When we work with horses, we delve into looking at our authenticity, vulnerability, and how we defensively fight our fears. Guided by the non judgemental mirror response from a horse, we learn to master ourselves in a very intense and heightened learning space in nature. We learn to diagnose sensations that cue our emotions and discover why we react in certain ways . This immersive learning experience is highly dynamic and very fast.  Our delegates over the years have said it is the best leadership experience program they have ever had.


Module Two – Learning and unlearning together

We take a deep dive into how we operate, as a team, a theatre cast or an organization.

We learn tools which equip us to quickly diagnose and discover why we react in counter productive ways in certain situations. We explore unlearning our knee jerk toxic reactions to our own and other people’s difficult and uncomfortable emotions that stall productivity and disrupt team trust. We relearn ways of interacting with others, by using our new tools and so responding with curiosity instead of judgement to our emotions and feelings, so that we begin mastering them, in the process becoming authentic and truthful. These qualities create a team with enormous psychological safety.


Module Three – Getting better never stops

Here we explore leadership in five core leadership styles, emulating herd, consensual leadership. We also look at the roles we need ;“Teamship”and followership in Agile teams and aligned teams and how to operate in virtual teams. This is highly innovative and creates a high level of trust for learning. Teams going through this module have realized that the future disruption of innovation is heightened by the ability to understand our individual leadership style and preference, improve it and strengthen our skill in executing the other four leadership styles by understanding the enlightened and the shadow aspects of the different leadership styles.


Module Four – Catalytic champions for our Organization

Finally, we move to module four, which is around psychological safety. This is where we pull all of our learnings together and align into movement and action on how our teams can be catalytic champions in the organization. To create impact, return on investment and to drive organizations into what it takes to win and how we need to create a winning zone in our organization to up the tempo and be far more competitive for return on investment.

Lise, Sky & Star

If I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.

HEAL™ offers four Equine Assisted Learning programs which accelerate business leaders abilities in emotional self mastery and relationship development.

Participants experience life through a different lens in this immersive experience and in so doing, develop an awareness of their inner self, a sensitivity to the sensations that cue their emotions, so that they learn to embrace difficult and uncomfortable feelings by remaining curious to the needs that lie beneath their own alienating behaviours and those of their team members. These equine interactions enable us to address those needs directly in a non judgemental way, thereby building trust and emotional safety in our businesses and personal lives.

Why Horses?

A horse senses your heart beat from four metres away. Horses sense our intention. Horses are tellers of self and mirror souls.

Horses are wise mentors in this unique type of work. Horses are prey animals and humans are omnivore primates. As species, we are hard wired as polar opposites to each other yet, there exists a strong connection between horse and human.

Prey animals’ “flight” instincts mean they experience heightened sensitivity to their environment. Horses sense and respond to our intentions, emotions, and the thoughts we convey subconsciously through our pheromones and our body language. In the presence of horses our authentic selves are revealed. Horses live in the moment and have no agenda and so become instant mirrors for us and provide us with non-judgmental feedback mechanisms. By observing a horse’s response to our requests and directions, each person learns how to communicate simply, clearly and effectively. We learn to face our fears and we learn how to manage our emotions, and in so doing, we become more consistent and congruent with our actions, making us better leaders.

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