Diverse Team Building Options

Due to the size of our property we can offer almost any team-building activity you can imagine through outsourced suppliers.

At Lethabo we offer unique and fun workshops, team-building, and leadership programs and motivational speakers.

Horse Play

A Winning Combination

There exists between humans and horses a deep spiritual connection. Being emotional, intelligent, and social creatures, a horse is the perfect mirror for human emotions. Working with horses can help you better understand and express yourself in all situations.

The Experiential Horseplay Workshop at Lethabo Estate near Lanseria helps you stretch psychologically and experience trust as you play with their horses and
master their language. You will learn how to manage uncomfortable feelings, set healthy boundaries, experience consensual leadership, and create ‘win-win’ relationships through the non-verbal and empathic language of Horse.

Working with horses alters human brainwave patterns. Explaining why so many psychologists have thrown their weight behind equine therapies, The Guardian quotes American horse trainer Franklin Levinson as saying:
“It has been clinically documented that just being around horses changes human brainwave patterns. We calm down and become more focused … Horses are naturally
empathetic. The members of the herd feel what is going on for the other members of the herd.

Equine-assisted therapies work well because nobody is
indifferent to horses; people either love them or fear them,
so that’s two big emotions that immediately reflect what
most of life’s issues revolve around.”

Horse therapy is not new: the Greeks documented the horse’s therapeutic value in 600BC and French physician Cassaign concluded in 1875 that equine therapy helped certain neurological disorders.

Lethabo Estate’s Experiential Horseplay Workshop will teach you to:

  • Identify and manage difficult feelings under pressure
  • Set boundaries
  • Communicate non-verbally
  • Establish trust
  • Become proficient in the “Leadership, Followership” dance
  • These practical skills will become invaluable to every aspect of your life.

Says Lise Essberger, who runs the training: “Relationship is everything for a horse. Since their survival depends on healthy relationships and teamwork in the wild, horses read signals and sense true emotional states. To relate to them, we have to communicate clearly. Becoming your authentic self is the core skill you will learn during Horse Play.”


  • One-on-one horseplay sessions cost R1000 p/p and R750 p/p. for groups of 10 and more. Prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • Duration is about 4 hours, including light refreshment.
  • Mail info@lethaboestate.com or call 087 1511 817 for more info or to book.
Horse Play

Mercy embraced by Skylark after their Horse Play session

Hot Stuff

“Hot Stuff” is our Fire Dance workshop and Team build where the group learns simple moves using non burning poi and then puts them to their own choreography, simulating team work in the workplace.

It’s fabulous entertainment, whilst at the same time translates back in a very meaningful way at the office, improving their team dynamic. This team build works well with the picnic and around the fire pit with a braai in the evening.

“Go Goddess” Hoop dance workshops, imagine all the sugar when you start to shake your hips and harness your goddess energy! R 350 each for an hour.

We have “The Lethabo Amazing Race team build”, which is great fun, competitive and gets everyone moving outdoors, crossing rivers and catching horses with team challenges that invigorate and build team spirit. The duration is roughly 2 hours and the cost is R 450 pp.

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