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Getting engaged without a Ring conjures images of extreme romantic spontaneity. Joy in the moment, hope for the future. Love!
Lethabo’s speciality is romance. We offer especially romantic engagements with plenty of different ways and ideas to betroth here at Lethabo. Because we are the most popular and romantic engagement venue in Gauteng, we often have up to ten couples a weekend getting engaged here! Most of the time there is a ring, but on the odd occasion, there hasn’t been one. Because we are a nosy bunch and Love the romance of engagements, we always ask about the couples experience…did he go down on his knee? Did he hide the ring….did he have a ring…?

You want to propose to your significant other, but you have a few setbacks. Whether if it’s because of financial reasons or personal taste, you are planning a proposal without an engagement ring.
Don’t. Panic.
Before you decide to give up on the surprise of your proposal and consult the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, take a breath. There are lots of ways to propose without a ring and worry about that part of it later. Not only that, but planning a proposal when you can’t decide on, afford, find a ring still shows how dedicated and creative you are!

1. Propose with a ring box. This may seem cheesy, but I loved when this was done in the movie Knocked Up. His whole thing about how he can’t afford a ring, but the box was symbolic of the ring he would someday love to buy her. I ate that up. All women may not be that way, but it’s worth trying. If you’re planning on buying a ring later, that could be part of your proposal. Or if she doesn’t want a ring, then using the box could lighten the mood and be something to laugh about later!
2. Propose with a memento of some kind. Be sappy. There is no other way to put it. Did you go to a movie for your first date? Offer her the ticket stub. Don’t have it? Buy the movie and use it instead. Use something that represents the beginning, but also the promise of eternity.
3. Propose with a filler–ring. What does this mean? You can go any route from buying a cheap alternate, a true promise ring (not to be confused with an engagement ring), or a Ring-Pop (not joking). Another favorite movie moment of mine is from The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) where Edmund can’t afford a ring for Mercedes, so instead she ties a string around her finger and says, “This will be my ring.” In many cases, love is all you need.
4. Propose with words. I promise that’s not a redundant statement. Whether you are a writer, singer, poet, or horrible with words—this may be the moment to take and express your true feelings. Write something down and put it to music, or just read it. Later you can frame your hard work and present it with the actual ring (if you are going this route).
5. Propose in a beyond-simple way. This may seem underestimated, since some may feel that because they can’t offer the ring the proposal has to be over-the-top-amazing, but simple proposals can be underrated. Getting down on one knee, taking her hands in your own, and expressing your love is a sure way to grab attention.
The engagement ring isn’t the priority, the engagement is. If you know you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, and a ring just isn’t in the picture at the moment, don’t think you’re “jumping the gun” by proposing without a ring. The ring can always come later.

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